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The Future of Quants

Posted on January 2023

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​Interested in how to attract, retain and promote quantitative talent? Or keen to find out as a Quants professional whether your pay matches your peers?

Quantitative expertise in financial services is a highly sought-after skill, and there is no doubt that the job markets for Quants is going from strength to strength.

Naturally, many professionals are curious about whether their salaries and bonuses match their peers. For hiring managers grappling to stay competitive to attract and retain talent, having guidance on salary and industry trends is crucial in getting the right workforce in place for the years ahead.

Discover the latest report on ‘The Future of Quants’, covering the talent challenges and opportunities across quantitative research & trading, which includes insights on:

  • The 5 hot trends in Quants to know about

  • 10 key strategies to retain Quant talent

  • ​Salary & bonus guidance across the US, Europe & APAC

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