• Quants Global Market Report 2021

    4 months ago

    ​With an extremely active hiring market and an increase in demand for specialist talent, our Quants Recruitment team has produced a Global Market Report 2021 to share key insights and trends from across the industry.​This market report discusses insights on:• Execution strat’s and High-Frequency Trading• The continued growth of Systematic Fixed Income Trading• How Quant firm...

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  • Global Job Confidence Index 2021

    4 months ago

    ​The annual Selby Jennings Global Job Confidence Index aims to measure the beating heartbeat of the Financial Services labor market, their confidence in the economy, securing or finding a job, compensation and bonus, flexible working patterns, and whether the bull-bear factors in employment have altered.

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  • Employee Job Confidence: A New Dawn?

    5 months ago

    ​As the global economy is projected to recover and relaunch, the world health crisis continues to cast a shadow on many countries and impact economic activity. Although the path to financial stability may be uncertain, having unique access to what employees are thinking may be the best strategic advantage for talent management in competitive markets. ​In 2020, we launched t...

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  • Taking Stock: The Post-Pandemic Workplace

    6 months ago

    As many businesses are finally reopening their doors across Europe and the UK, the banking and financial services workplace will look quite different. What short and long-term impact will the pandemic have on the workplace? How will these changes affect talent? While the global pandemic will inevitably result in long term transformations to the form and function of the works...

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  • Performance over Presence

    7 months ago

    ​Change may well be on the horizon and is accelerating exponentially. At the beginning of 2020, many financial services companies were firmly thrust into a remote working trajectory, a watershed year for digital transformation within the workplace. For the past year, the high-speed mass adoption of flexible working required employers to redefine and re-examine the workp...

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  • Locked Down and Upskilled

    8 months ago

    ​​The global health crisis caused by Covid-19 has resulted in many becoming accustomed to spending endless time at home. With the days blending seamlessly into the next, how have individuals made productive use of this time during local lockdowns and periods of self-isolation? Some have utilised this new-found time to prioritise self-care, rediscover a particular passion, or...

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  • 2020 Reflections: Looking Back to Move Forward

    10 months ago

    ​It’s tempting to enter 2021 with blind optimism, eager to put the challenges of 2020 behind us. However, to learn as much as possible from the adversities we all faced last year, we’d like to suggest that we begin 2021 with a brief period of reflection.

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  • Financial Services Hiring Trends 2021

    10 months ago

    ​2020 was a tumultuous year of historic proportions. Between the advent of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, financial institutions faced a volatile and increasingly negative market coupled with the unfamiliar prospect of the majority of their workforce having to complete their duties remotely. Uncertainty remains omnipresent in 2021, but the outlook is positiv...

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  • Investment Management Hiring Landscape: 2020

    12 months ago

    ​2020 has been a historically volatile and uncertain year, punctuated by the global pandemic, social unrest, and an unprecedentedly disruptive US election cycle. Unsurprisingly, investors in risk assets have retreated in a meaningful way to the sidelines. Multiple alternative asset classes had a roller coaster of asset flows throughout the year. Despite this generally negati...

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  • Recruitment Landscape: Quantitative Analytics

    12 months ago

    ​​The Selby Jennings Quants team works with professionals across the Europe, ranging from derivative desk quants, modelers, developers, and researchers to portfolio managers and quant traders. Many of these relationships have been built and maintained over the last 15 years, and Selby Jennings is often are the agency of choice for world-class clients looking for help solving...

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  • The Work-Life Rebalance

    about 1 year ago

    ​We are at a crossroads. The health and wellbeing of the workforce has never been more closely intertwined with the state of the economy.The public health crisis caused by Covid-19 has forced operational change and reflection on the way that people organize and work. Global lockdowns have meant that many companies have shifted to remote working – where they are able to – res...

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  • The Future of Face-to-Face Meetings

    over 1 year ago

    Half a year in and London’s finance community is already brimming with nostalgia for face-to-face meetings.The global health crisis has profoundly impacted the way that bankers, advisors, and relationship managers can interact and engage with their clients. Early on, as news spread about the emergent SAR-Cov-2, some banks restricted international business trips or cancelled ...

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    The Future Of Face To Face Meetings
  • Global Job Confidence Index 2020

    over 1 year ago by Veronique Martial-Gritter

    In this critical time, understanding how the workforce thinks and feels is essential. At Selby Jennings, we are able to gauge the hopes and fears of the financial services workforce in the world’s major economies, and share that vital information with you. This information gives you the power to attract, motivate and retain talent in a time of crisis.The inaugural Selby Jenn...

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  • Financial Services Recruitment in a Time of Disruption: What We’ve Learned So Far

    over 1 year ago by Veronique Martial-Gritter

    ​Remote working worksWhile remote working has been a staple in a number of industries, banking and finance has traditionally been very ‘office-focused’; whether this be through legacy preference of face-to-face interaction or regulatory necessity. However, confronted with a global pandemic, it has had to adapt and adopt to working from home (WFH).In general, the impact worki...

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  • International Women's Day 2020: An Interview with James Findlay

    over 1 year ago by Olivia McNeilis

    What role can recruitment play in creating a gender-balanced workforce throughout the financial services industry? James Findlay, Relationship Director, UK & EMEA, shares his thoughts for International Women's Day 2020. The 2020 International Women’s Day theme is that an equal world is an enabled world. What does that mean to you in the financial services?Selby Jennings ...

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  • How AI Can Boost Diversity Hiring

    over 1 year ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​​Only 9.9% of the STEM employees are women of color. Does artificial intelligence (AI) hold the key to creating a fair and representative workforce in financial services? This guide explores how AI is currently being applied throughout the recruitment process as part of a diverse hiring strategy. Download to discover:•The reasons behind implicit and explicit hiring biases•H...

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  • Advancing Women of Color in STEM

    almost 2 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​​The majority of leaders within financial services say diversity is a business priority – 90% of CEOs say it is their most important one according to McKinsey & Company. Yet little progress has been made in recent years and women, particularly women of color, remain underrepresented at the top.In this article, we explore the current ‘state of the union’ for women of col...

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  • 9 in 2019: The Financial Stories that Shaped the Year

    about 2 years ago by Olivia McNeilis

    ​This year saw the 21st century in its final throws of adolescence. A government shutdown, low unemployment, record stock market highs, and continuing trade wars all played a role in shaping 2019’s financial markets and economy. In a world of 24 hour news, recounting what happened yesterday, let alone at the beginning of the year, can be a challenge. The final year of the de...

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  • After the Crash: Banking and Financial Services Outlook

    about 2 years ago by Olivia McNeilis

    ​September 2018 saw the tenth anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers - often portrayed in popular culture as the high profile starting pistol for the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC). During the aftermath, banking and financial services were put under intense scrutiny and continue to be subject to incredible levels of political intervention, commentary, enhanced re...

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  • Which European City will Benefit most from Brexit?

    about 2 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​As the UK careens towards Brexit, a growing list of European cities are battling it out to usurp The City of London as the continent’s next financial hub. Tempered by the uncertainty a potential ‘no deal’ brings, financial institutions are already charting their departure from the English capital.What cities could replace London?Potential suitors lining up to succeed London...

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