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Relocating to the Netherlands - A Guide

Posted on June 2024

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​​Situated in the heart of western Europe, and known for its multicultural society, the Netherlands is a popular country for expats. Amsterdam, a city that combines historical buildings and canal systems with urban design, a vibrant art scene, modern architecture, and a wide range of cultural options, lies at its heart.

Joining other European hotspots such as Paris, London, Berlin, and Switzerland, the city has emerged as a leading financial centre in Europe post-Brexit, with a diverse roster of top companies, world-class infrastructure, and new technologies. With its growing tech and finance industry, Amsterdam offers a wide range of career opportunities for professionals.

Relocating to a new city and country for work can be a fantastic career opportunity and can give you the chance to join a new network of professionals within your industry.

While relocating is an exciting prospect, it can sometimes feel daunting to adjust both your professional and personal life in a new city.

To make your move easier, we have created a comprehensive relocation guide with essential information and insights to help you settle into your new office and home in the Netherlands.

From essential aspects that need to be considered before moving, such as visa requirements and residence permits, to finding the right place to live and understanding the practicalities of settling in, this guide is your go-to resource, ensuring a smooth transition into your new life in the Netherlands.

Download the Relocation Guide for the Netherlands here:

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