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The Quantitative Edge

Posted on June 2024

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The global quant fund market size is expected to reach US $31.4 trillion by 2031, growing at a 10.09% CAGR over this period. The demand for quants professionals continues to grow each year while talent shortages are at an all-time high, driven by the strong performance of quant funds, combined with improved data accessibility and new industries looking to utilise quant skills.

To address these challenges, Selby Jennings has released The Quantitative Edge, a comprehensive report providing organisations and professionals with a better understanding of the talent challenges, opportunities, and hiring strategies in the world of quants globally.

Discover in the report:

  • Global trends in the quants space impacting the hiring market

  • Salary guidance for Europe, the USA, and APAC

  • Key takeaways for hiring managers considering making their next hire, as well as professionals looking for a career progression

  • Top tips to secure quants talent

  • Expert insights from Selby Jennings' Head of Quants - London and Director of Quants - New York

Whether you’re a hiring manager looking to attract and retain your team, or a quants professional considering your next career move, this report has plenty of relevant and crucial takeaways for you.

​Download 'The Quantitative Edge' report here:

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