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  • Embracing Disabled Talent: Driving Success Through Inclusive Hiring in Europe

    8 months ago

    In today's evolving business landscape, recognizing and embracing diversity and inclusion is crucial. Despite progress, the potential of disabled talent remains largely underappreciated in Europe. Recent findings from our Selby Jennings poll shed light on the current state of affairs, with 55% of respondents admitting their hiring strategies lack provisions for candidates wi...

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  • 2023 Bonus Season Breakdown

    10 months ago

    Discover the latest analysis of bonuses and rewards in the Financial Sciences & Services industry, and how it impacts the talent market.Understanding bonus structure has become not only a critical aspect to businesses in attracting and retaining top talent, but also for professionals in knowing their true value.Analysing the rewards arrangement across the Finance and Bankin...

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  • How to Make the Perfect Job Offer

    11 months ago

    ​Finding the perfect candidate for your latest role can be a long and arduous road. Once you have found the employee with the skills you need and an attitude which will fit perfectly within your team, it is time to make your job offer. In a perfect world, you will get an enthusiastic acceptance. However, if you are hiring in a busy sector, or trying it, is likely you may hav...

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    How To Make The Perfect Job Offer
  • The Growth of Quants in Investment Banks

    over 7 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Picture an investment bank drawn in a ‘Where’s Waldo?’ style. You’ve got traders, finance, the legal team and management; human resources and an IT team hammering away at their keyboards. Where would you expect to find quantitative analysts (quants)?Ten years ago, quants would have been tucked away on trading desks, inputting data into Excel spreadsheets and working through...

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