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Building Resilience: Covid-19 and Financial Services Recruitment

The continued Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in the largest working-from-home population in human history alongside a period of great economic uncertainty.

While many markets are being shaken by this pandemic, no financial sector will be left untouched. Stock markets worldwide show significant levels of volatility with the UK’s FTSE 100 falling by 10% in one day in mid march – the worst day in three decades - only to jump again by 25% in early April.

Eventually, social distancing measures and company limitations will be lifted again, so what will the new 'business as usual' look like, if such a thing is even possible? You have likely encountered countless memos and articles that aim to answer that question. At Selby Jennings, we wanted to share an update on a different angle. How is recruitment being affected? How can employers move forwards with their hiring processes in this climate?

Download this guide to discover the latest hiring trends and how banks and financial services firms are adapting their recruitment processes in this challenging time.