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How to Leave Your Job Without Burning Bridges

Posted on November 2019

Colleagues applauding woman

​Sometimes leaving your current role in the UK banking and financial services sector can be harder to navigate than finding your new role. If you are leaving a role due to stress or an intolerable working environment, it may be tempting to quit your role in a dramatic manner and take the opportunity to air your grievances. However, this approach will only lead to problems down the line of your career.

If you have legitimate worries about the company you are leaving, it is better to give constructive and actionable feedback during an exit interview rather than listing your reasons in your official notice of resignation.

This resource covers the steps to take when handing in your notice to ensure you leave in a professional and graceful manner, from how to compose your notice of resignation through to what to do on your final day to make sure you leave an excellent final impression.

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