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How to Reject a Candidate and Gain a Brand Advocate

Posted on November 2019

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​Working as a hiring manager in the UK banking and financial services sector means spending a lot of time reading through CVs and conducting interviews with candidates who ultimately end up unsuccessful. However, you also need to consider the time invested into the process by the candidates, and ensure you reject them in a timely and professional manner.

Providing candidates with individual feedback may seem like a time-consuming and thankless task, but it is the best way of building a protecting a positive employer brand, which will attract a higher quality of candidate overall.

Candidates who are not right for one role may be perfect for a future role, so it pays to reject candidates in a considered manner which won’t put them off applying for future positions. This resource covers the best practices for rejecting a candidate, and how you can turn them into an enthusiastic advocate for your brand.

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