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How to Successfully Onboard a New Employee

Posted on November 2019

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Hiring managers within the UK banking and financial services sector are working on onboarding processes which evolve beyond the day 1 hiring checklist. Successful onboarding can take upto a year as training is provided in a manageable flow and employees are given opportunities to provide useful feedback throughout the process.

It is essential that you are not inundating your new hire with too much information about your processes, and that your onboarding process helps your new employee get a grip of the workings of your company and integrate them into your culture.

This resource has been created to help HR professionals develop an onboarding process which covers what needs to be done within the first day, week and month of a new hire, alongside the practical elements which needs to be ticked off before your new hire arrives. A successful onboarding process will help your employees see where they fit within the picture of your company and do their best and most productive work.

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