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The Status Quo of Sales & Trading in Europe

Posted on April 2024

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​With a volatile political environment, alongside predicted interest rate cuts, 2024 is likely to see continued demand for firms looking to maximise their expertise to manage investments and hedge client exposure, resulting in a drive for more experienced hires. It has been challenging for sales & trading, and commodities in particular, but there are plenty of opportunities on the continent, especially within developing asset classes such as QIS and structured credit.

Regardless of market conditions, revenue generating units require talent to build new income streams and secure core business lines, so there will always be a high level of competition for top talent that is able to add value.

Hiring within Sales & Trading

Businesses need to differentiate between ‘must hires’ and ‘would like to hire’ and base this decision on strategic goals. To avoid ambiguity in ‘must hires,’ clearly define the required experience versus what is only desirable, which will save time and costs. Offer a comprehensive employer value proposition beyond financial benefits and highlight specific strengths during the recruitment process to avoid comparisons based solely on compensation.

Sales & Trading Opportunities

With career opportunities, it’s essential professionals keep an open mind even if they’re not committed to accepting them immediately, as there may be underlying reasons worth discovering. Given the nature of institutional environments over the past few years, it’s crucial to evaluate individual opportunities and businesses without preconceptions, as significant changes are likely to have occurred.

The Future of Financial Services in Europe 2024

Learn more about the sales & trading landscape in Europe in 2024 in our recent report 'The Future of Financial Services in Europe'. In this report, experts from Selby Jennings in Europe assess the hiring landscape across specific financial services sectors, offering guidance to help organisations address the most critical challenge facing business leaders today.

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