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The Future of Financial Technology Hiring in Europe 2024

Posted on May 2024

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2023 was a challenging year for the financial technology sector, with several leading investment banks and BigTech companies reducing their headcounts, resulting in a lower demand for talent overall. The market became saturated with professionals seeking work, and competition for roles was higher.

In-Demand Talent

However, demand for fintech specialists has been high within software and quant development, including niche data skills such as web scraping with FPGA on the rise in London, and skilled infrastructure and DevOps professionals with expertise in Kubernetes, Linux, and IaaC consistently sought after. C++ and Python within hedge funds, and specific experience in risk, commodities, and fixed income, have also been in demand.

Skills in areas such as blockchain technology, cybersecurity, data analytics, AI and machine learning are becoming increasingly sought-after within the industry as well.

Regulatory technology and several up-and-coming hotspots in financial technology, such as the Middle East market, ongoing hiring in Switzerland, and new trading desks opening in Paris, offer emerging opportunities for both professionals and organisations.

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​Hiring Challenges

Due to the amount of competition for certain roles and more pressure on firms to make the right hires, interviews have become more challenging: on top of being able to precisely explain contributions in previous roles, professionals are being asked to answer technical questions and complete coding tests.

It is crucial for hiring managers to streamline hiring processes and make expecations clear to avoid losing talent to competition, as even though overall demand for professionals is lower, the most in-demand fintech specialists will always be in multiple hiring processes.

The Future of Financial Services in Europe 2024

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