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How to Ace a Virtual Interview

Posted on March 2020

As the coronavirus epidemic continues to spread in Europe, more of us will be working from home. During this time, it is more likely that a candidate will be asked to interview via video conference call. But even before this outbreak that affects so many businesses, video interviews have already become an increasingly common part of the recruitment cycle within the UK, especially for roles which require relocation, or attract many candidates. Talent will often be asked to take part in either a live video interview, or pre-record answers to a set of questions.

Even a live face-to-face video job interview requires a set of skills different to those displayed in in-person interviews. To shine in a video job interview, you will need to put thought not only into your answers, but how you will look on camera, and how to control body language which will be much more focused on within the limited frame of the computer monitor.

This guide covers the knowledge you need to set up and pass a perfect video interview. Your interview answers are up to you, but this guide will help you improve your video presentation with tips on setting up your location and technology, and includes a checklist to run through to avoid any technological glitches. Follow these tips for your best possible chance to move to the next stage of your job application.